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UNS S41500 stainless steel

UNS S41500 chemical composition; UNS S41500 mechanical properties; UNS S41500 application;UNS S41500  heat treatment;  UNS S41500 specification; UNS S41500 package and shipment
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steel grade :

UNS S41500 



Product Description


ASTMA276-S41500 / 00Cr13Ni5Mo



UNS S41500  chemical composition 




C ≤ Si ≤ Mn ≤ P ≤ S ≤ Cr               
0.05 0.60 0.50-1.00   0.030    0.030   11.5-14.0  
Mo Ni Cu Nb Ti V
0.50-1.00   3.50-5.50            


UNS S41500 mechanical properties:  


Tensile strength:  795MPa                           

Yield strength:   620MPa  min

Elongation:  15% min

Reduction of area: 45%  min

Charpy(Akv): J min

Hardness: 295 HBW

UNS S41500  Specifications:
steel round bar : dia 8mm to 1000mm
Square-shape steel: 50mm  to  600mm
Steel sheet: thickness 0.5mm-12mm  width 1000mm max
Steel strip:  thickness 0.5mm-4mm   width 300mm max
steel plate :  thickness 5mm-800mm    Width: 10mm to 1000mm
steel pipe: OD 8-800mm
Length: random length/  fixed length
Delivery condition:  hot forged / hot rolled /cold-rolled
  annealing/normalizing + tempering/quenching + tempering/ solution
Surface : black/ground/rough turned/fine machining/Peeled / mill-fimish surface
metallurgical processing: electrode arc + LF/VD/VOD/ESR/  VIM/ VAR
Ultrasonic inspection: 100% ultrasonic test

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