turbine blade steel

1Cr12Ni2W1Mo1V / 14Cr12Ni2WMoV blade steel

1Cr12Ni2W1Mo1V / 14Cr12Ni2WMoV    chemical composition;  14Cr12Ni2WMoV  mechanical properties; 1Cr12Ni2W1Mo1V application;  14Cr12Ni2WMoV  heat treatment;  1Cr12Ni2W1Mo1V specification;  14Cr12Ni2WMoV钢  package and shipment
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steel grade:



Standard: GB/T 8732


1Cr12Ni2W1Mo1V / 14Cr12Ni2WMoV     chemical composition 

C    0.11-0.16    

Si  0.10-0.35  

Mn  0.40-0.80

P  ≤0.025

S  ≤0.020      

Ni  2.20-2.50

Cr  10.50-12.50  

Mo 1.00-1.40

W   1.00-1.40 

V 0.15-0.35
≤ 0.05

1Cr12Ni2W1Mo1V / 14Cr12Ni2WMoV     Mechanical properties


Tensile strength Rm MPa
Yield strength Rp0.2MPamin
Elongation A%min
Reduction of area Z%min
Charpy AKv min
Hardness HBW


Note: the datasheet is just for reference

1Cr12Ni2W1Mo1V / 14Cr12Ni2WMoV    Delivery Condition:

Hot-rolled / hot forged 

black surface/ peeled surface / rough turned surface 

annealed / heat treatment 

fixed length / random length



1Cr12Ni2W1Mo1V / 14Cr12Ni2WMoV    is used in applications such as compressors or steam turbines and also in aircraft parts, valves, high temperature bolting etc. 


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